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Student Visa

With Education globalization, Education sector has always been the one field which captured a big part of the population across the world. In today’s global education systems, studying abroad is something that every student is aware of. Educational Standards, high rate of employment, tremendous income potential with exquisite work environment and social benefits attracts students all over the globe. But selecting and ensuring to follow the right career has become a challenge in these competitive times.

Career planning unquestionably requires an experienced guidance in terms of gaining insight to the educational opportunities that are available globally. The students looking forward to execute their educational plans overseas, Visa 24×7 is of the leading global resettlement solution provider that helps you in hassle-free student visa services.

We provide you with a varied range of special, high quality of educational universities/colleges all over the globe and great opportunities to pursue a professional career. The diverse career opportunities provided by different countries, draw students from different parts of the world to study and settle there.

We guide you with a hassle-free process that helps you selecting, applying and procuring admission to foreign Colleges / Universities. With a complete association with the reputed Universities and Overseas Educational Institutions, Visa 24×7 team is well equipped to assist you while selecting the most appropriate educational option and the preferred country as per your expectations.

Educational opportunities are abundant in various countries such as USA,UK,Canada, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Students have to make efforts to reach the shores of countries that are well known for their educational institutions and universities. They aspire to study in the best universities of the world; nevertheless to study abroad is not all that easy as one has to secure student visas of that respective country. Why so?

  • Relevant documentation requirements are there for issuing of visa.
  • The visa process sticks to certain visa guidelines laid down by a respective country.
  • One has to acquire all related information in regards to visa processing so that one does not miss out on any related documentation that could delay the visa process.

We assign a case officer to give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We assist with References and the essential Statement of Purpose.

We assess your English and the Universities admission committees many a times consider our recommendations. “Visa24x7″ follows up with the chosen Universities and ensures Positive and Quick Response including for the UCAS process.