Immigration To Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dreams

Hong Kong is a great destination if you would like to reside and operate in a different country. When you possess the correct mixture of certification and specialist knowledge, you might be entitled to a work visa. If you plan to move to Hong Kong, then let our skilled experts decide your eligibility. All you need to do is to fill out a totally-free online assessment form.

The Fragrant Harbor Is Not Far Now!

Considerably, its geographical proximity to India makes it a very much desired overseas immigration location for the Indian migrants, especially for individuals who might be eager to take full advantage of Hong Kong’s pro-business and purchase atmosphere. The region also offers probably the most migrant-friendly immigration plans on the planet. At the same time by means of several appealing and easy-to-follow visa classes, it encourages the foreign immigrants to move to its territories in order to pursue their dreams.

We Are the One for You!

Visa 24×7 immigration specialists have got the knowledge and expertise to effectively show you through the entire visa proceedings. They could remove each and every hurdle that could come in your way while applying for Visa in Hong Kong. Given that the competition might be really a tough one, it is recommended that you follow the best-suited step ahead to pursue the immigration process and satisfy the visa authorities to provide a green coverage to you. Presented this, you need to get expert help, and there can’t be anyone better than Visa 24×7 Hong Kong immigration specialists for this.


Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, QMAS:

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme promotes the entrance of highly skilled emigrants who could start working with suitable jobs or set up companies and add efficiently to the overall economy of Hong Kong. There is an annual sealing of one thousand grants. A migrant have to fulfill the preparatory conditions to be considered by the authorities for this program. For applying to this scheme, there are certain requirements that need to be filled. The first thing that comes in this process is the credentials. In order to prove your selves as highly skilled workers, it is imperative that you show the reference letters as well as the training certificates. At the same time the applicants must be aware where the companies in Hong Kong are looking for the skilled workers. If the application is given in support of the certificates as well as the invitation letter, the applicant has a higher chance to get the Visa.

Travel Visa:

Indian nationals can certainly enter Hong Kong with a legitimate travel page, for an interval up to 14 days, without a visa. Visa or even entry permit is needed for individuals who would like to stay more than 14 days in Hong Kong. Keeping in mind certain aspects of this, Visa makes it easy for the applicants at the time of submitting the applications. As travel Visa is for temporary purpose, the applicants have to make proper application stating the real purpose of the visit. At the same time, the applicant also has to make the submission of his credentials regarding his residential proof as well as financial stability. This is a very important part of the application. Added with this is the mentioning of the time of return that the applicant also should not miss out. Clearing all these requirements makes the applicant able to make a get the visa.

Why Hong Kong?

Certainly one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is an incredibly lovely country situated in Asia. All the while, it is fairly famous for its own striking & strong natural port. This former British colony is amongst the top economies of the globe. People move to Hong Kong for a number of factors and advantages. Some of these are becoming cliché. This city-state offers certainly one of the highest per capita revenues around the world. Further adding to the “why Hong Kong” part is the country’s own incomparable global attraction which makes it a “Red Hot”destination for the immigrants.