Immigration To Australia

Kangaroos’ Terra Firma Is Waiting for You!

Australia Is Probably the Only Country That Has a ‘Welcome’ Sign on Its ‘Exit’!

Australia is a distinctive and varied country in every single way – in tradition, human population, climate, geography, as well as history. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, China, United States, and Brazil. Australia is a small island with many of its people living around its own seacoast. The seacoast has many beaches as well as reefs which are popular amongst surfers and scuba divers for example the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach and also the Surfers Paradise. The country has around 21 million individuals, with the primary human population living in the South-East as well as East of Australia. Australia has a human population of around 22,500,000 individuals.

A Place to Be!

Australians have pretty much a free and friendly spirit and they are endowed with an out-of-the-box thinking, and this is the reason why you will like Australia very much. Australia has one of the highest specifications of residing in the world. It is usually an English-speaking country with a human populace of about 21.5 million. It is residence to people from over 190 nations. Cultural diversity belongs to its nationwide identity which is among Australia’s strongest points. Australians are considered one of the friendliest people on this planet and Australian towns are safe and clean, with lower crime rates. For Australia, we can go by what Douglas Adams had said – Alone of all the Earth’s races, they somewhat appear to have been freed from the syndrome of ‘Grass is always greener on the fence’s other side’, and utterly assert that Australia is in many ways, really that other side of the fence.

Types of Visas & Their Eligibility

Australian immigration regulations and needs will always be changing, which explains why our staff at Visa24x7 continuously endeavors to modify their information and impart coaching to help them remain abreast with the recent advancements.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):

Australian economy happens to be the strongest one across the globe and that is why it is most popular amongst skilled workers. Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) is proffered to the applicant through a points based system. It is a Permanent Residence Visa. This visa is called Independent Visa, it allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia as a permanent resident.This visa cannot be sponsored by an employer or family member or nominated by a state or territory government. An individual can be accompanied with his/her partner and child.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

Australian Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) is a permanent residence visa offered to those workers who want to work and live and Australia after being nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency. This is also on a points based system.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489):

This is temporary residence permit which allows skilled worker to live and work in specific regional areas in Australia for 4 years.The applicants, who are not qualifying the selection criteria for either Australian skilled Independent (subclass 189) or Australian skilled state nominated  (subclass 190) due to any reason can submit the application for Australia skilled regional Nominated (Provisional) (subclass 489)..

Dependent Visa:

If you have a dependent visa, you will definitely get a restricted authorization to work (twenty hours/week); therefore you do not have to enroll in almost any course/school in Australia. Your spouse, an undergraduate visa holder, will likely be permitted to work also, see circumstances of college student visa. Also your dependent child may have the provision to come to Australia and stay with you under this dependent visa rule. There are two things that one can do with this visa, the first is that he can study and stay in Australia for the next 3 months. And the second important thing is, to work properly during that period, as mentioned earlier. The working hour is 20hours per week. For achieving this visa you need to be nominated by your partner or your spouse. He is the one to nominate you while he/she is already under study in Australia.

Travel Visa (Visitor/Tourist):

This visa permits individuals to check out Australia for a vacation or amusement, or even visit family members and/or friends for a vacation for as much as three months or 6 months or a year. This visa could also be used for additional short-term non-work reasons. One can also extend his stay in Australia with obtaining another visa. There are three kinds of Travel Visas, which are available right now. The first is Electronic Travel Authority, which is for short-term stay. This Visa is widely used for the purpose of business or tourism. The next on the list is the eVisitors Visa, which holds the time limit of 3 months and applicable for all the passport holders coming from European Union and some other European Countries. The last one is the Visitor’s Visa, which is for 3-6 months, which is for both the residents in and out of Australia. There are also options for online applications also for this Visa.