Immigration To USA

The Land of Opportunities is Waiting for you!

US has over 60 kinds of non-immigrant US visas. Immigration to the States happens to be the major reason behind its human population growth all through the nation’s lengthy but amazing history. Migrants to the US arrive from virtually every part of the globe, and at the same time, they possess great skills and efforts, and already been pivotal in the growth of this great and certainly the most developed country.

American Dreams

USA stays probably the most desired immigration destination in the world as an. Additionally, the country is a permanent member of the UN Safety Council, G20 and G8, and currently regarded as the distinct super strength of the globe, because of its incomparable military strength, prosperity, quality of life, per capita earnings, and superiority of its culture.

Going to US!

Green Card

The US H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits US firms to utilize foreign employees in specialized occupations that require to apply theoretical or even technical knowledge in various professional fields for example – architecture, engineering, Mathematics, science, and medicine. Under this visa, a US organization can apply for foreign workforce for as much as six years. As this Green Card is used for the purpose of jobs, there are some very important points that the applicants must keep in mind while applying for the card. The first and foremost thing to look for is the guidelines. Once the applicants get well acquainted of the requirements of the Visa, they can make a proper application. Credentials regarding the job or education are very important proof. At the same time, invitation from the institute or the company is a must have. All these matters should be taken seriously while focusing on the minute details.

H1 B Visa

Annually, 50,000 USA permanent occupant visas are distributed to the people of areas with low immigration costs by means of a lottery method. If after an arbitrary choice process, you obtain a long term resident visa by means of the DV-2014 (Green Card) Lottery, you may live and work in the US. You can even take your partner and any unmarried kids under the age group of 21 along with you to the States. For making application for this visa, some very significant matters should be taken into account. The applicant needs to be holder of Bachelor’s or higher degree. The applicant should hold the degree in a specific zone where the individual solely has the credibility to do the job. The work should be properly mentioned there so that the US immigration department can properly scrutinize the documents. At the same time the applicant should be properly submitting the required invitation letter. Once the immigration department sees that all the required documents are presented, they may offer the applicant the desired visa.

Travel Visa

Obtaining a visitor visa to the United States is matter of approval. Each one applicant should have a legitimate passport, and he/she must send the application form, pay the fee, and also appear for the visitor’s visa interview at the closest applicable US consulate in their region. For obtaining Travel Visa, it is important for the applicant to make a proper and perfect application, both online and offline. At the same time, the applicant also has to provide the required credentials regarding residential proof, financial reports, and occupational proofs. He has to mention the purpose of his stay in the US. Last but not the least, he should mention when he would return to his home country. When the immigration department checks and gets satisfied with all the reports and documents, they can offer Travel Visa to the applicant. Therefore, it can be said that the application holds a great importance in getting the Visa.

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